The zazzy substitution review I still need to know why sheldon(Jim parsons)Ditched his creepy robot from last episode and returned to a somewhat more normal way of life.Maybe it will pop up jordans shoes for sale again in a later episode.As it stands, though, it feels kind of weird not seeing the thread at least addressed here. On the other hAnd, zAzzy substitution delivers more thAn its shAre of weird(The good kind)With the return of sheldon not-A-Girlfriend girlfriend amy farrah fowler(Mayim bialik).The once and former blossom hits it out of the park again, delivering the same sort of smug detachment and condescension that parsons has ridden to a couple of emmys.The fun comes in watching the two of them interact.They live in their own mutually understood world--With the rest of us as mere observers--And rain scorn upon those insufficiently gifted to parse their bizarre exchanges.Director mark cendrowski centers the first half of the episode around their very funny exchanges, and the fact that--While they clearly made for each other--They will never acknowledge it to anyone for an instant. Naturally, the only thing to do is break them up.After reaching an impasse over whose field provides the greater contribution to mankind, they part seemingly quite amiably.Then, of course, sheldon goes completely to pieces:Adopting two dozen stray cats and preening over them the same way he would a rare x-Men comic.Cendrowski scores more laughs by calling in sheldon mother(Laurie metcalf)To talk him down from crazy recluse status. The episode jokes fire on all cylinders, with only a tiny handful of duds and an unfortunate denouement which Air Jordan 13 sends the wrong kind of message.Along the way, it demonstrates the proper way to deploy guest stars.Both amy and mrs.Cooper possess a lot of strengths, but they need to be handled delicately.Her stubborn beliefs echo her son in a strange way, and zazzy substitution quietly demonstrates how much she loves and cares for him(Without once losing her value as a laugh generator).She also highlights the difference between being smart and knowing about the world in a clever exchange that goads sheldon back towards his better half.The jokes never come at the expense of character;We believe in sheldon despite his broadness because we see where he comes from and what kind of people know him best. Amy serves a similar purpose.She basically allows sheldon to hold a mirror up to himself, though if this episode is any indication, he only inclined to see what he wants.But it provides a new dynamic beyond the combination of bemusement and exasperation with which the rest of the cast treats him most of whom, by the way, spend the episode holed up in penny(Kaley cuoco)Apartment rather than suffer the happy couple slings and arrows.She helps keep the principle character fresh and prevent him from sliding into one-Note catch phrases prematurely. As for fan references, we left bereft again.Sheldon prefers the empire to the rebels, apparently(But we knew that), and his green Riddle shirt remains the most coveted piece of geek paraphernalia on the show.But beyond that, it looks like we may need to hold out for the triumphant return of wil wheaton to really examine the show geek credentials.Luckily, zazzy substitution has all its other ducks in a row:Happy to keep us rolling in the aisles while we wait.