Looking Pandora Beads Canada for new smartphone methods I'm looking for advice on which new smart phone certainly is the best buy for me.I don't have entirely a long time to go forum hopping for the best reviews/data on the new phones, so i'm hoping you guys can assist me. I have in place an iphone 3gs, in order to upgrade. 5)Excellent gaming via apps.2)Multitask.I despise the inability to stream pandora and text or check email at the same time.I haven't got 4.+ update to my 3GS yet word is it is battery power hog. (free next day in-store delivery.) 3)Cool apps/app manufacture software/streaming media.I know a phone being released soon has awesome app creation software available(Or supplied soon), But I can't remember which toy. While using above, which phone on earth do you guys recommend?I know hp is coming out with some tablet/phone things in the future i might even wait to purchase those(If commended).After, i like designs for larger phones, and the higher the screen, desirable hence mentioning the 5.6"+ tablets that Cheap Pandora Jewelry HP is making with phone options.