Tri challenge 2012 Mark and i were put through our paces at two of scotland's finest halls of learning-Strathclyde and abertay universities-And because we both enjoyed the vo2 experience so much we'll be having at least three more shots before race day in october. They're allegedly the perfect way to monitor our fitness levels but will-More importantly i suspect-Give the daily record picture desk plenty of laughs if our first sessions were anything to go by. You may recall from our opening feature that i was snapped in complete disarray looking for a sick bucket, while mark was caught in an egg shaped booth wearing a green swimming jordans shoes for sale cap-And nothing else. Memo to self:Poke award-Winning photographer alan richardson in the eye next time i see him. Before i took to the dreaded treadmill, 3rd year student, sharon kane, got her industrial sized callipers out and measured my skin folds before ordering me to jump on a body fat machine. Ray lloyd, the head of the sports department at abertay, who was overseeing the tests, didn't mince his words when the results materialised. "Good news"He said"Is that you're healthy.The bad news is that at 17.5% you're too fat-We'd recommend 5-12% for a triathlon.My asics were feeling good and i took Air Jordan 7 a final swig of energy juice and hopped onto the treadmill with a confident spring in my step.I was hooked up with a face mask and heart rate monitor, gave a sample of blood to assess my lactic acid levels and started running. Chief scientist andrea cameron started me off at a leisurely 8kmh, ratcheting up the speed 2kmh every four minutes.At each new stage, blood was taken to see how my lactic acid levels were looking.I could have told them for free. When i got to 16 kmh or 10 mph-Which equates to running 6 minute miles-Things started getting interesting.I went from being quite cool, calm and collected to not very happy, very quickly.I felt even worse when andrea started to crank up the gradient.A couple of minutes later my lungs imploded and my quads gave way and i ended up doing a leo sayer.