Alpacas are lifeline for new waterford couple That's what they are for fred drotleff of new waterford. Drotleff and great deals on Evening Dresses UK his wife, trina, have been breeding and raising alpacas for eight years and fred said after some research it became clear to him there was an opportunity to make some money. Fred drotleff Cheap Bridesmaid Dresses UK said it has been"Very lucrative"And the farm currently has 19 alpacas.The animals are related to the camel and llama families and come in 22 colors. The animals are bred mainly for their fiber and drotleff said it is softer than cashmere and three to four times warmer than wool. "You can raise six to eight on one acre and they are very easy to keep.It's cost about $220 to feed one a year,"Drotleff explained, adding,"That's cheaper than feeding your cat. "They eat grass, hay and grain and since they come from the mountains"They handle cold weather, but the heat you have to watch,"Drotleff noted. This summer has been hot and he said they keep the alpacas shorn to the skin. Females have a gestation period of 11.5 months which usually results in a single offspring, or cria.Twins are extremely rare, occurring about once per 1000 deliveries. Females grow to 12530 pounds while males average out at between 160175 pounds.He said all the breeding is selective. "They're very, very docile,"Drotleff said,"Shy and curious animals.And fairly intelligent.The more time you spend with them, the more docile dresses uk: they become. " They communicate by humming and the only other sound they make is when they are wary and make"A high pitched sound, like a braying sound that donkeys makes,"Drotleff said. Robinwood farm alpacas specializes in breeding, sales, boarding, brokering and alpaca product sales which include blankets, sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, a wide variety of textiles. There will be demonstrations, refreshments, a chance for a free gift basket giveaway and many alpaca merchandise including clothing, lotions, soap, jewelry and fragrance oils.